McD Workshop

MCD WORKSHOP is Chris McDonnell’s creative production studio specializing in cartoon animation, character illustration and complete book design and authorship.

Learn more about us, how we work with you, browse the portfolio, watch the animation reel and email or call Chris at (215) 687-7645 to discuss your project.


McD Workshop animation MEGAREEL from director/animator Chris McDonnell featuring work seen on HBO, Netflix, Comedy Central, IFC, Nickelodeon, and Adult Swim.

See past animation reels at Chris McD on Vimeo.

Looking for live-action-centric and mixed-media videos?
Look at our Goal Achievement Club work.

Featured Work

Featured work coming soon.


Welcome, business
McD Workshop proprietor Chris welcomes your business with a friendly handshake.

McD Workshop LLC is located in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A., and works with people and businesses everywhere.

Chris McDonnell, owner of McD Workshop, says: “Let’s do biz.”
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How We Work With You

How We Work With You
How would you illustrate a page like this?


Whether we are working with a publisher, production company or individual, the process of doing work remains the same:
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