Aldous Harding “Tick Tock” Music Video

Above: Stills from the music video.

Director: Aldous Harding + Chris McD

Animation / Design: Chris McD

Animation Color: Angela Visconti + Austin Pettit

Composite: Harvey Benschoter

Producers: James Doolittle + Laris Kreslins

Production Company: All Ages Productions (PHL)

Made with the support of NZ on Air

Poster design I created for submitting the film to festivals.

St. Vincent “The Melting of the Sun” Music Video

The Melting of the Sun is the second single off of St. Vincent’s new record, Daddy’s Home. I designed, animated and edited the video with a written treatment and direction from Annie Clark and Bill Benz. The live action was shot by Kylie Hazzard and the video was produced by Loma Vista Recordings.

The music video is an official selection in several festivals, including the 2021 editions of the Happy Valley Animation Festival in Pennsylvania, the LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival in Kyiv, Ukraine, the ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival in Syros, Greece, and the Denver Film Festival in Colorado.

Thumbnail storyboards based off of the written treatment.
Thumbnail storyboards based off of the written treatment.
Thumbnail storyboards based off of the written treatment.
Thumbnail storyboards based off of the written treatment.

WeTransfer: Don’t Go Changing Net Neutrality!

I designed and led animation on this informational original music video produced by WeTransfer. It’s currently approaching 1.5 million views on YouTube!

Executive Producer: WeTransfer

Creative Agency / Executive Producer: Doubleday & Cartwright

Executive Creative Director: Aaron Amaro

Creative Director: Matthew Reed

Producer: Adam Argersinger

Production Assistant: Cary Nakamaru

Animation Director: Chris McDonnell

Singer/Songwriter: Adam Roth

Music: Granted, Allen Blickle

Sound Design: Granted, Allen Blickle

Animation Assistant: Colton Barto

Animation Assistant: Angel Kawash

Animation Assistant: Gia Pedicone


Produced by Goal Achievement Club

Directed by Chris McDonnell

Featuring: Par Holmberg, Liam Baranauskas, Kendra Urdang, Jack, Quinton, Felix

Camera: Jenny Drumgoole, Chris McDonnell

Sound: Ben Cady, Chris McDonnell

Soxx For Mayor

In 2015 the City of Philadelphia needed a new mayor, so Soxx ran on a platform of caring about the city’s trash collectors and trying to address their issues. Soxx is an ongoing multimedia performance and video work created by Jenny Drumgoole, and Jenny and I created this episodic series centered around Soxx’s run for mayor in real-time, leading up to the actual election.

I led the design on title credits, animated elements, shot a good portion of video and did some editing. Each video ultimately went through Jenny’s editing and direction final pass, as this is centered around her creation.

Also embedded below are additional Soxx videos that we made with friends, including Soxx’s Urban Expressions, a Soxx dance experience featuring a dance number choreographed by me that rivals Janet Jackson any day.

Ancient Justice “Who’s That?” Music Video

Old friends, old jams, and a load of old VHS-C and Hi8 video cassette tapes and sketchbooks came together in this frenetic music video for a band that recorded hundreds of tracks and played three shows.

A self-initiated love letter to those frantic teenage years. I’ll include most of the 20-something year olds in that too.

While it is hosted on our dormant collaborative video group’s Vimeo, Goal Achievement Club, this video was created by me.

Eric Copeland “Ms Pretzel” Music Video

Is it possible to make a low budget (no budget) six minute music video exclusively with video sources commissioned from fiverr? The answer is yes. Directed, edited by Jenny Drumgoole and Chris McDonnell for our pal Eric Copeland.

Ms Pretzel by Eric Copeland

p+c 2014 DFA Records

directed by Goal Achievement Club (Jenny Drumgoole, Chris McDonnell)


Yo Gabba Gabba: Story Time

Yo Gabba Gabba School Jingle

I designed and animated the “Story Time” jingle segment for Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr., featuring the music of fellow Philadelphians, Dr. Dog!

Because of a mix up on the production, I had half the original time allotted and half the budget to make the whole thing by myself. It’s limited in some areas but holds up in others, for me, anyway, and of course… it’s got Dr. Dog! Definitely a reason to keep this in the portfolio.

Yo Gabba Gabba School Jingle
Yo Gabba Gabba School Jingle
Yo Gabba Gabba School Jingle
Sketchbook pages from the Yo Gabba Gabba “School” episode jingle production.