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How We Work With You

How We Work With You
How would you illustrate a page like this?


Whether we are working with a publisher, production company or individual, the process of doing work remains the same:

1) Gathering Intelligence

    In initial conversations and meetings, information is collected about your goals, ideas, and project. Taking the time to talk through issues and trade questions in these meetings set us off on the right track for a successful project.

2) Deep Thoughts

    Time is spent with the gathered material to reflect on the assignment. Further research and sketching begins. Rough directions appear. Complete concepts form.

3) Roughs and Revisions

    Depending on the project, we send you rough directions or versions and then discuss the progress. A few back-and-forths are typical as the project nears completion.

4) Final Delivery

    Your work is ready when you happily approve it, and we call it a complete job.
How We Work With You
A positive attitude goes a long way.

Every job requires a signed contract which describes the scope of work, timeline, rights, payment and terms agreed upon. This protects all parties involved and creates a favorable climate for doing business in which all expectations are clearly stated. We can provide an agreement based on our initial discussions.

Payment terms generally require 1/2 payment down to start work, and 1/2 payment due within 30 days of final completion.

How We Work With You
The hippo in the room is that you need to pay us to get us to work for you.


Every project is unique and gets a unique estimate. This is typical of any service that you hire a specialist for. Roofers, basket weavers and commercial artist/designers all have to look at the time and materials they will invest into a project in order to formulate an estimate.

Something to consider beyond cost of the job is the value that you receive. Working with an artist that is friendly, curious, reliable, attentive to details, creative and cool under pressure all increase the value that you receive for your project’s cost, because your result will be better for it. An artist that listens to your requests and communicates effectively with you will be able to create a successful project. McD Workshop is where you can work with an artist (or artists) like this, natch.

A generalized picture of fees for the projects executed by McD Workshop are often from a few thousand dollars up to tens of thousands depending on client needs, schedules, budgets and any additional team we may have to assemble. Our work is so varied however, that even this general range has exceptions. A single illustration is very different in scope than a complete book design or an animated cartoon, for example.

Find out the cost of your project by contacting Chris and discussing the details. We will gather the information needed and respond with an estimate on your job.

How We Work With You
A single plastic rose for you.

To learn even more about McD Workshop browse the blog for the latest news and projects in progress.