The Art of Invader Zim

I wrote and designed The Art of Invader Zim which was published by Abrams in 2020. The book features a foreword by Rebecca Sugar and commentary throughout from Jhonen Vasquez and the original Nickelodeon series and new Netflix movie crews.

SYFY Wire did an interview with me about the book here.

At various points during the cover design process I had limited art to work with or different departments with different goals weighing in on the directions. Ultimately it came back to designing a cover that Jhonen would be excited about, which was the most important thing in my consideration anyway. Jenny Goldberg took one of my directions towards the bottom and finalized it into a cover that she knew Jhonen would like, being that she was the art director for the Enter the Florpus film, and Jhonen’s long time friend and collaborator. Plus Jhonen was probably in the room saying, “Yep. I like that one.”
The cover direction that I designed that evolved into the final cover, designed by Jenny Goldberg.