Under Construction Yet Again

Well, through some theme-switching mishaps this site has become less presentable than it was this morning. The content is all here but the design is not. Bear with us as we attempt to salvage this place over the coming months.

Under De/Construction

Quick note to let any chance visitors this summer of 2021 know that this website is currently being reborn like the phoenix.

Specifically for this page, I intend to repurpose this former “news” blog to become the sketchblog, a place where I post the actual art that I wish to share online in an informal way and retain control of its presentation (without ads, other bullshit). In other words, reclaiming the agency I have over my art online as much as anyone ever had back in the days of websites and blogs before social media. I will then use social media to promote each post, certainly, but only with the intention of getting those eyeballs over there to come over here, and interact with the work, or not, without distraction.

Flash Dance

Doodled up this rough dance party in Flash to show my class some rotoscope ideas. Here’s a preview, class! If this isn’t showing up in your browser, apologies. Flash used to be so great to use on websites, now it is a struggle just to get it to show up. I copied code directly off of Adobe’s own knowledge base article, and while it worked in Safari, it didn’t work in Firefox. When Adobe can’t even embed it’s own product properly, you know there is trouble. I used a suggestion in the comments of the article and changed the “href” to “src” and then it showed in Safari and Firefox. It’s probably just a blank white box in Explorer.

Anyway, Flash still is a usable animation tool in a production pipeline, as long as you export out of it early on enough.