Aerobizone, featuring Greg

Over on the Aerobizone portfolio page, I’ve added this latest sheet of Greg expressions, a work in progress. Yes, the main character’s name is Greg. I think a name might stick this time. Also I have been dumping visual development sketches on Twitter and Instagram for another project, a short film I’m working on with my pal Ben. Once there is enough viz dev work in a presentable format, I’ll add that as another portfolio project here.

I wanted to fill out the character design and visual development section of my portfolio here, since two of my favorite projects that I have contributed to (a WB series in development and a TriStar Pictures feature in development) both seem to have fizzled a few years ago, yet the work remains under NDA. Oh well. So I’ll be creating a lot of new independent work that I own and can do whatever I want with.

Sketchbook Drawing

Sketchbook Drawing

Here’s a sketchbook drawing I doodled up with the last bits of ink in a brush pen, a nib pen, sumi ink and some drug-store-bought Crayola watercolors. I posted it on too as part of the new daily drawing feature I’m including on the site where Meathaus associates send me drawings and I post one per day as a neat additional thing to see on every visit to the site.

In McD Workshop news, I got my designer’s copy of the the TUNES book and took a bunch of shots of the lettering I did for a portfolio post which I will do soon. I’m also in the final stages of designing both the Bill Plympton art book, called Independently Animated: Bill Plympton, and my own Why Is Sasquatch Crying? book which is exciting. It is just in time as well since the fall semester has begun and I’m teaching a class again at UArts here in Philly, this time in the animation department. That’s one day of the week. A new book project is starting up simultaneously, an art book about the concept/production art from the new Green Lantern movie coming out next year. The only thing I can say about some of the cool art I’ve seen so far is that some of it reminded me of the art of Zdzisław Beksiński, which is wild stuff.