Under Construction Yet Again

Well, through some theme-switching mishaps this site has become less presentable than it was this morning. The content is all here but the design is not. Bear with us as we attempt to salvage this place over the coming months.

Aerobizone, featuring Greg

Over on the Aerobizone portfolio page, I’ve added this latest sheet of Greg expressions, a work in progress. Yes, the main character’s name is Greg. I think a name might stick this time. Also I have been dumping visual development sketches on Twitter and Instagram for another project, a short film I’m working on with my pal Ben. Once there is enough viz dev work in a presentable format, I’ll add that as another portfolio project here.

I wanted to fill out the character design and visual development section of my portfolio here, since two of my favorite projects that I have contributed to (a WB series in development and a TriStar Pictures feature in development) both seem to have fizzled a few years ago, yet the work remains under NDA. Oh well. So I’ll be creating a lot of new independent work that I own and can do whatever I want with.

Sketchblog 002

Familiar Creatures

Here’s a sketchblog with some past artwork I did for my ol’ pal Ben. Ben Cady released his 10″ record/cassette album called Familiar Creatures in May 2013. I illustrated the cover artwork. Listen, download and buy the record via Bandcamp!

Familiar Creatures

Sketchblog 001

Digital drawing that started in the sketchbook as three different figures. Once I arranged them a mysterious story started to form, but it’s still definitely up to your imagination what’s going on here because I don’t know.

Under De/Construction

Quick note to let any chance visitors this summer of 2021 know that this website is currently being reborn like the phoenix.

Specifically for this page, I intend to repurpose this former “news” blog to become the sketchblog, a place where I post the actual art that I wish to share online in an informal way and retain control of its presentation (without ads, other bullshit). In other words, reclaiming the agency I have over my art online as much as anyone ever had back in the days of websites and blogs before social media. I will then use social media to promote each post, certainly, but only with the intention of getting those eyeballs over there to come over here, and interact with the work, or not, without distraction.

Net Neutrality Animated Video

New animated video for WeTransfer! See it here.


Executive Producer: WeTransfer
Creative Agency / Executive Producer: Doubleday & Cartwright
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Amaro
Creative Director: Matthew Reed
Producer: Adam Argersinger
Production Assistant: Cary Nakamaru

Animation Director: Chris McDonnell
Singer/Songwriter: Adam Roth
Music: Granted, Allen Blickle
Sound Design: Granted, Allen Blickle
Animation Assistant: Colton Barto
Animation Assistant: Angel Kawash
Animation Assistant: Gia Pedicone

Three Years Later…

More than three years later than the last blog post, I guess. To catch up a bit on this McD Workshop news blog, we’ve done a lot of fun work! The Steven Universe: Art & Origins book came out this summer and the BoJack Horseman: The Art Before the Horse book is scheduled to come out in 2018. Beyond that, more animation books are on the horiozon. I’m teaching animation at Moore College of Art & Design and The University of the Arts (see my new student work highlight reel). Speaking of students, I’ve hired a handful of ’em to assist me on some of the latest and greatest animation segments that we’ve produced, including work for Tour de Pharmacy (an HBO comedy special) and season two of Lady Dynamite (Netflix). Check out some highlighted clips of that work in the new McD Workshop animation reel or just see it here: