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McD Workshop proprietor Chris welcomes your business with a friendly handshake.

McD Workshop LLC is located in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A., and works with people and businesses everywhere.

Chris McDonnell, owner of McD Workshop, says: “Let’s do biz.”

Clients and collaborators include:

    The Tornante Company, TriStar Pictures, Warner Bros. Animation, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Abrams Books, Rizzoli International Publications/Universe, Chronicle Books, DC Comics, Variety, PUNY Entertainment, Run and Gun Productions, Dakota Pictures, Sidestreet Entertainment, Cause & Effect Productions, Thank You Brain Productions, Tim and Eric LLC, Bakshi Productions, Spümcø International, The Magic Store, Virgin Entertainment, iam8bit Productions, Cartoon Brew, Frederator, Mark Burnett Productions, Meathaus, Island/Def Jam Records
Shooting Soxx's Power Hour "Urban Expressions"
Shooting the dance scene from Soxx’s Power Hour “Urban Expressions”

Television work includes:

    • Animation for the Tour de Pharmacy HBO special
    • Animation for Lady Dynamite on Netflix
    • Animation for Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult Swim
    • Animation for Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! on Comedy Central and on HBO Go
    • Animation for Kroll Show on Comedy Central
    • Animation for Comedy Bang Bang on IFC
    • Animation for Eagleheart on Adult Swim
    • Animation for Portlandia on IFC
    • Animation for Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job on Adult Swim
    • Animation for Tim and Eric segment of Funny Or Die Presents on HBO
    • Animation for Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr.
    • Writing and storyboards for Ape Escape on Nickelodeon
    • Animation, compositing and editing for Tom Goes to the Mayor on Adult Swim
    • Animation for Steven and Stephen on Atom Films/Comedy Central
    • Production drawings for Extreme Marksmen on The History Channel
    • Opening credit sequence storyboards for The Contender on NBC

Agency work includes:

    • Animation for Digitas Health, Doubleday & Cartwright, and Cause + Effect

Book work includes:

    • Art direction and design of Steven Universe: Art & Origins by Chris McDonnell, published by Abrams
    • Art direction and design of Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo by Chris McDonnell, published by Abrams
    • Illustration and design of Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book by Chris McDonnell, published by Chronicle Books
    • Art direction and design of Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi by Jon M. Gibson and Chris McDonnell, published by Universe
    • Design of Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema by Ozzy Inguanzo, published by Universe
    • Design of Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy of Horror by Michael Mallory, published by Universe
    • Art direction and design of Wonder Woman: Amazon. Hero. Icon by Bob Greenberger, published by Universe
    • Hand-lettering and redesign of English language translation of Tunes: A Comic Book History of Rock and Roll edited by Vincent Brunner, published by Universe (French title: Rock Strips)
    • Art direction and design of Independently Animated: Bill Plympton by Bill Plympton with David B. Levy, published by Universe
    • Design of Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen by Ozzy Inguanzo, published by Universe
    • Art direction and design of The Joker by Daniel Wallace, published by Universe
    • Design of Corto Maltese: The Ballad of the Salt Sea by Hugo Pratt, published by Universe
    • Design of The Science Fiction Universe… And Beyond: Syfy Channel Book of Sci-Fi by Michael Mallory, published by Universe
    • Design of Variety: An Illustrated History of the World From the Most Important Magazine in Hollywood by Tim Gray, published by Rizzoli

Email Chris with inquiries.

The energy that powers McD Workshop LLC is renewable electricity provided by the Energy Co-op.

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