October Mega Post

Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo

Months pass and we’re back with another mega post of McD Workshop updates. The Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo book that I wrote and designed has been published. One of the most in-depth reviews so far is over on ICv2, and here are some blurbed excerpts of other editorial reviews that I grabbed:

“This book is a deep dive into the Land of Ooo.”
(Boing Boing)

“The holy grail of the hit animated series Adventure Time. And you don’t even have to go to very distant lands. In fact, you can put in right on your coffee table.”
(Paste magazine)

“An extensive look at concept art, storyboards, early character sketches, background paintings, and the series’ show bible.”
(The LA Times’s Hero Complex Blog)

“Even if I didn’t love this series so much, I would still buy the awesome Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo, a beautiful 352-page large format tome that tells the series’ genesis.”

“It’s fascinating seeing the show broken down into its purest form.”

“Fans of Adventure Time will basically lose their freaking minds.”

“This gorgeous full-color hardcover book will grace coffee tables with elegance. Yes, you heard right, with elegance.”

“McDonnell deserves credit for producing such a worthy endeavor that encompasses nearly every facet of this multidimensional series. . . . this book cannot be recommended highly enough for diehard and casual fans alike of the show.”

“…A stunning hardcover coffee table book that dives very deep into the production of this show. It’s an incredible resource for fans that is immaculately designed and thoroughly researched, and it features an introduction by Guillermo Del Toro to make it a little more high-brow than the usual coffee table book about a Cartoon Network show.”
(A.V. Club)

new books

Another book that I designed came out recently too, Ozzy Inguanzo’s Zombies On Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema.

Uncle Grandpa #1 Cover C by Chris McD

Above, the variant cover for Uncle Grandpa #1 that I made came out recently from BOOM!

Finally, the Goal Achievement Club made Soxx’s Power Hour episode 02, “Face Face!”

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