July Mega Post

New! The Goal Achievement Club is Jenny, Ben, Jobina and I and friends that help us make videos. Check out the first video, Soxx’s Power Hour episode 01, “Urban Expressions” here:

Coming this Fall! The new book I wrote and designed for Abrams and Cartoon Network is called Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo, which is a decent description of its contents. It is a huge 352-page slab of an art book with detailed discussion inside from primary players in the show’s creation.

Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo

Also this Fall! I designed the book Zombies on Film by Ozzy Inguanzo, published by Universe!

Also right now! In the current 2014 animation reel, you can see work I did for Kroll Show, Comedy Bang Bang, and the new edition of Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! that I haven’t gotten into the portfolio here yet. Also work that I need to add eventually includes a comic book cover for BOOM! comics, animation work for a Comedy Central web show and animation for an upcoming Warner Bros Animation produced show.

Sad bears! Curtis Hatton is a musician who saw my old sad bear painting and commissioned me to make some new lost and probably sad, at least melancholy bears for his independent project entitled, “Lost Bear.” I made time-lapse videos of the process:

Sketchbook! These hardbound roughly-letter-size sketchbooks I have been using since high school take me about 3/4 of a year to fill if I’m going at a good pace. There are selections of new drawings from this current sketchbook now up over here. I have plans to go back through all my books and scan pieces from each. Expect to see a lot less from those early books!

Chris McD Sketchbook

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