Familiar Creatures Record Art

It took a while but I finally grabbed a day and half and finished Ben‘s record art just in time for the last show the full band will probably play in their current line up this past weekend at Cha Cha Razzi. See the previous post on this project here.


“Bloodhound Dogs” is my favorite track, listen to and buy the record digital style over here:
Familiar Creatures by Ben Cady

Also I’ve been using this tumblr blog as more active blog including sketchbook work and “Lenny” comics as they roll out. I’ve recently started up more comics after a multi-month sidetrack into creating some Lenny animation development material, which is also continuing.

I recently wrapped up animation production on a segment for Comedy Bang Bang season 2 on IFC. More short animated segments appear to be on the horizon for television shows and a bit of educational software.

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