Two New Books in Portfolio

Two new books

Grabbed a moment to update the good ol’ McD Workshop portfolio with new books The Joker and Dudley and Omar’s Moving Garden.

The Joker was written by Daniel Wallace, edited by Robb Pearlman and Steve Korté, with an introduction by Mark Hamill, and designed by myself. Nick Gazin reviewed it over at Vice here (scroll down past the dong drawings), where he opens his review with “Chip Kidd should have made this book”, then Chip Kidd reviewed it over at The Wall Street Journal here.

Dudley and Omar’s Moving Garden was written by Douglas Hammer, designed by Justina Blakeney, overseen/published by Miguel Nelson/Woolly Pocket, and illustrated by myself. It comes stuck in a “Mini Wally” growing pocket and 20% of profits are put towards in-school gardening education programs for kids.

In other book news I have completed design on the new English language edition of Hugo Pratt’s Corto Maltese: The Ballad of the Salt Sea for Universe, which has already been scooped by a few blogs, and I am part way through designing a sci-fi art book along the lines of the Universal Studios Monsters book, also for Universe. Both will be released in 2012.

Me rolling in Sasquatch cash

And of course I still want you to buy my drawing book that is fun for kids, adults and surly teens alike! Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book can be ordered for you from you favorite local bookstore, just call them up, or if there are none of those left in your area, there is always online shopping.

In animation news, I have been developing a cartoon project and posting time-lapse drawing videos to the meathaus account as they are produced in fits, and they are collected into a growing playlist that is embedded above. If all goes well with my operating system update later today, I’ll also soon be able to begin posting screen-cast videos of in-progress digital artwork.

Also I recently completed a short animated bit for the Adult Swim show, Eagleheart that required me to look up a lot of disgusting image reference. You’ll see what I mean after I post it. It is part of season two, airing sometime in the near future.

Last, the presentation pilot that I created animation for over the summer for HBO is still hanging in the balance… I think? When there is ultimately a decision either way I’ll be able to share some of the work eventually.

EDIT: I forgot that this should be titled THREE new books in the portfolio because I just added David Jablow’s Do It Yourself Doodler book that I designed for him over there too. Check it out!

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