GO FOR THE GOLD! 4 Cover Art

GO FOR THE GOLD! 4 Cover Art

Surprise, another new book. GO FOR THE GOLD! is the name of the sketchbook anthology that we’ve been putting out through Meathaus in which a selection of artists share their sketchbook work. Issue 1 was a hand-made piece with silkscreened covers and photocopied interiors, and I’ve edited and published issues 2-4 using a print-on-demand printer. More info is coming soon on this issue which includes 39 international artists and is an impressive 379 pages long.

Above is the wrap around cover art that I illustrated based on characters from my contribution to the book. Click the image above to get a larger image that you can download and use as a desktop image.

Contributor list: Angie Wang, Arik Roper, Chris Capuozzo, Seth Scriver, Dash Shaw, Fritz Bol, Hannah K. Lee, Jesse Moynihan, Keat Teoh, Kristina Collantes, Matt Houston, Mikkel Sommer, Richard Short, Thomas Herpich, Tomer Hanuka, Victor Kerlow, Devin Flynn, Brandon Graham, Mark Sunshine, Mu Pan, Nick Edwards, Sam Vanallemeersch, Nicholas Gazin, Takeshi Tadatsu, Phil Rynda, Jim Rugg, Grant Reynolds, Jeremy Tinder, Jonny Negron, Jesse Balmer, Jeff Kilpatrick, Max Fiedler, Gary Leib, Pendleton Ward, Jon Boam, Chris McDonnell, Vincent Giard, Farel Dalrymple, Jason Sacher.

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