Why Is Sasquatch Crying? Production

Why Is Sasquatch Crying? Production

Hey, try to look past the poorly lit photos and dig what I’m working on right now for my new book. On the top you’ll see some pencils for the intro page on which I present myself as a slightly disturbing character under a sheet with no apparent clothing or arms. Next, a pile of the thumbnails from my sketchbook that I did up rapidly in ballpoint pen and photocopied onto sheets so that I could see them all at once. Last, a shot of the never ending Action Steps list. Yes, if that sounds familiar then you too may be a devotee of the latest, greatest, organizational productivity system, AMO. It’s been working so well for me for the last few weeks that I’ve even started a small cult about it that meets monthly to review checklists. Yes. You hit your 30s with some kids and a mortgage and you’ll start devoting social time to production efficiency too. You’ll see.

Anyway here is one more shot of some inked pages and parts of pages:

Why Is Sasquatch Crying? Inked Pages

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