Fight Club & Current Work

I updated the portfolio with an illustration project that was in and out the door quickly last week and then at the Capcom Fight Club event just days later all over people’s t-shirts. See the project here.

Also I just put together a collaborative art zine with people from all over the world who contributed art via the site. I solicited art contributions from all the registered users of the Meathaus website and received a big digital art pile that I then sliced up into an eight page zine, and placed the result here. Click over and print yourself out a few!

Bigger projects in the works are the ongoing art direction and design of the new Bill Plympton book, which is going to be a must-have for animation enthusiasts. Also working on the English language edition of this intriguing book, Rock Strips, which combines comics and rock and roll, which of course is a sweet combo.

I have one more major project slated for production this spring and summer, a new book that I will be writing and illustrating for a publisher that I love! I’ll need to wait a bit to write anything specifically about it, but it is currently slated for Fall 2011 publication.

Lastly, I am still slowly filling out the portfolio projects on this website. They will continue to have process shots, sketches and descriptions added whenever I get the chance. As mentioned last time, all projects at least have a single image currently, and some have bits from the last website version still hanging around strangely formated. Oh well.

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