Flash Dance

Doodled up this rough dance party in Flash to show my class some rotoscope ideas. Here’s a preview, class! If this isn’t showing up in your browser, apologies. Flash used to be so great to use on websites, now it is a struggle just to get it to show up. I copied code directly off of Adobe’s own knowledge base article, and while it worked in Safari, it didn’t work in Firefox. When Adobe can’t even embed it’s own product properly, you know there is trouble. I used a suggestion in the comments of the article and changed the “href” to “src” and then it showed in Safari and Firefox. It’s probably just a blank white box in Explorer.

Anyway, Flash still is a usable animation tool in a production pipeline, as long as you export out of it early on enough.

Sasquatch Heads

Why Is Sasquatch Crying? Art

Experimenting with possible inside cover art for my book Why Is Sasquatch Crying? coming out next year from Chronicle Books. These are heads and little character bits from the book. Incidentally there are not a lot of complete character drawings, or at least characters with complete heads, because you are supposed to draw them, not me.

Sketchbook Drawing

Sketchbook Drawing

Here’s a sketchbook drawing I doodled up with the last bits of ink in a brush pen, a nib pen, sumi ink and some drug-store-bought Crayola watercolors. I posted it on meathaus.com too as part of the new daily drawing feature I’m including on the site where Meathaus associates send me drawings and I post one per day as a neat additional thing to see on every visit to the site.

In McD Workshop news, I got my designer’s copy of the the TUNES book and took a bunch of shots of the lettering I did for a portfolio post which I will do soon. I’m also in the final stages of designing both the Bill Plympton art book, called Independently Animated: Bill Plympton, and my own Why Is Sasquatch Crying? book which is exciting. It is just in time as well since the fall semester has begun and I’m teaching a class again at UArts here in Philly, this time in the animation department. That’s one day of the week. A new book project is starting up simultaneously, an art book about the concept/production art from the new Green Lantern movie coming out next year. The only thing I can say about some of the cool art I’ve seen so far is that some of it reminded me of the art of Zdzisław Beksiński, which is wild stuff.